O. zeekoevleyensis

Robin Attrill Robin@rpattrill.freeserve.co.uk
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 09:15:36 PDT
Mary-Sue, Anne Marie et al,

This is an interesting and easy Oxalis, most of the material in cultivation
deriving from a Bayer accession (MB1261). Another feature, not mentioned in
the description given by Mary-Sue, is the pungent odour of the foliage
(presumably to deter herbivores) which is noticable in warm weather and when
the foliage is bruised.

The plant in cultivation differs somewhat from the description in the Salter
monograph - it tends to be moderately caulescent, is non-succulent and
flowers in the autumn (Sept - Nov in US/UK), whereas in the wild it is
described as acaulescent, somewhat succulent and spring flowering (June-Aug
in S.Africa). Has anyone seen the plant in the wild, where it evidently
behaves differently to that in cultivation, or is perhaps the plant
cultivated as zeekoevleyensis another taxon?



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