Romulea hantamensis

Robin Attrill
Wed, 25 Sep 2002 16:05:48 PDT
Mary Sue,

A summary of my experience with R hantamensis seed....

1. If it germinates readily under non-stratification conditions its probably
not R hantamensis!  I've had seed of 'R hantamensis' from a number of
exchanges etc over the years, and each batch that has germinated easily has
proved to be something else, usually the extremely unexciting R pratensis
and R gigantea.

2. If you stratify seed of the true plant it may germinate. I have had my
only success from seed by standing the pot in an unheated cold frame over
winter in which the soil froze for short periods. I've not tried the fridge
treatment but am about to do so with some newly aquired UK seed from the
genuine plant. I would certainly recommend keeping pots for several seasons
if germination is not prompt for all Romulea.

All I can say is that despite the difficulties this plant is well worth the
trouble, the flowers, one of my favourite, being exquisite. Corms, if you
can get them, are straightforward but should not be 'pampered' with too much
heat and humidity, which can cause rotting. The plant is a true alpine and
should be treated as such - excellent light, adequate moisture but not too



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