Flowering here today

peter maynard peter.maynard@btinternet.com
Tue, 10 Sep 2002 15:14:19 PDT
Interesting to read Jim's message regarding
Rhodophialia bifidia since despite the considerable geographic
separation our experience is much the same. I have plants of many
rhodophialias, some raised from seed from the BCW expedition in the
1970s and still thriving vegetatively but all, with the notable
exception of R.bifidia, only occasionally flower whatever I do. I
have R.bifida on a rock bed in the open and also a pot full, just in
case!, and both flower well every year. In my garden a good soaking
with warm rain in September seems to initiate flowering and are in
full flower now. Also today, the first flowers and leaves on
Cyclamen graceum and C.mirabelle on the rock bed; the potted
cyclamen are asking for water and I will attend to their wishes at
the weekend 

S.E. England Zone 8 Coastal Plain
natales grate numeras

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