Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 09 Sep 2002 22:40:42 PDT
Dear All,

Several years ago I got a Tropaeolums from Telos Rare Bulbs and Jana shared 
some that Wayne Roderick had given away at Cal Hort. Both were called 
Tropaeolum tricolor. Since then I have seen the name T. tricolorum used as 
well. Looking on the Internet both names are used. I am assuming this is 
the same species, but am wondering what is the correct name.

Regardless of the name this is one of my favorite plants. I grow it in a 
container that is in the ground inside another container and let it climb 
on a wire fence. When it dries out in summer I keep it dry until fall. The 
tubers have increased only slowly, but they look very different from each 
other almost as if I have two different things. The flowers looks the same 
however. It is in bloom for a very long time and is very dramatic.

Mary Sue

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