Crocus web site

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 19:51:37 PDT
Dear All,

I second Rob's recommendation about the Crocus website. I think Jim Waddick 
mentioned it last year on the IBS forum and I was delighted to find it. I 
don't have Brian Mathew's book and haven't been sure if I had the right 
climate here for some of the species. The web site is a place to find the 
Mediterranean ones and get an idea about whether ones I have tried from 
seed need summer water or are happier without it. Thank you Tony for all 
your efforts. I have gone back more than once to look at it. And it is nice 
to know if we have a crocus question there are several people on our list 
who might be able to answer it.

Mary Sue 

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