plant image gallery search now implemented

John Lonsdale
Fri, 06 Sep 2002 20:33:47 PDT
Folks, I have just finished setting up the search feature on my web site and implemented it for the complete photo collection (now around 1800 photos). When you navigate to the WebAlbum that manages the plant image collection ( you'll see the search
tool on the left side of the header above the images. You can enter any
string into the box that is 3 characters or more long, hitting enter or
clicking search will then pull out thumbnails of every image whose
keyword file contains that string. Each image is fully searchable on
every component of the complete botanical name. Please note that it is
case sensitive but should be intuitive - just use the correct format for
each element of the name, e.g. always start a genus with a capital
letter, species names are always lower-case, etc. I hope you find this
useful, please let me know of any issues. Recent updates include more
views of the garden, Lilium gloriosoides, Leucojum spp., Cyclamen
graecum and also the addition of some articles discussing cultivation
and propagation of Daphnes, Crocuses, Cyclamen, Himalayan Androsaces and
New Zealand cushion plants. Cheers, J.

Dr John T Lonsdale
407 Edgewood Drive
Pennsylvania 19341 USA
610 594 9232 - phone
801 327 1266 - fax
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