Soil amendments

Jane McGary
Wed, 04 Sep 2002 19:24:16 PDT
Dear Mary Sue,
I sent your bulbs yesterday.

Thanks for the comments on soil amendments. The reason I didn't want to use
wood products was that here, they become rife with fungi very quickly, and
these microorganisms tend to attack the bulbs eventually, especially those
with tunics. Some bulbs/etc. do OK around bark here, especially frits and
cyclamen, and lilies of course rather like it.

However, I am beginning to think that the situation will be different in a
place with 12-14" of rain per year, as opposed to the 45" I get here.
Obviously the soil will not stay so wet, nor are there a lot of
microorganisms in the native soil, which is quite lacking in nutrients. So
I went ahead and ordered 15 yards of what seems to be the best available,
and we'll get towork on it weekend after next. I hope to meet Bill Welch
while I'm in the area this time and get some daffodils from him, too.

Best regards,
Jane McGary

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