Zinkowski Nerines

Cathy Craig batlette@cox.net
Fri, 20 Sep 2002 21:15:49 PDT
Report from So Cal: I have four scapes up so far out of about 25 - 4 inch
pots. All bloom from relatively small bulbs except N. fothargillii makes a
larger bulb. Several bloom each year. I don't know how many, perhaps 10
bloomed the first year and a few less last year. I just repotted them all
and moved them closer to the house so they will get a little better care
now. We don't get much heat here, especially the last two years. Summers
very mild with average day temps of about 75F I'd estimate. No whites that I
recall. The 'diamond dusting' on the flowers is really spectacular. N.
fothargillii has just opened.

Cathy Craig San Clemente CA Zone 9b
President: Pacific Bulb Society

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