Zinkowski Nerines & Re: Braggin' about what's bloomin'

Lee Poulsen wlp@ampersand.jpl.nasa.gov
Sat, 21 Sep 2002 17:32:52 PDT
As for what's blooming at my place, I just went out and took a survey 
(bulbs, vines, and other plants):

Tuberose, single and double
Antigonon leptopus (typical pink and a deep rose-red cultivar)
Thunbergia grandiflora
Achimenes (various hybs.)
Fuchsia (various hybs.) (and yes it is hot here, reached 105 deg. F a 
few weeks ago)
Lycoris radiata
L. sprengeri (2nd year in a row!)
Zephyranthes - Labuffarosea (great bloomer and blooms in the shade)
Amaryllis belladonna (Les Hannibal cvs.)  (late this year!)
Bessera elegans - purple (B. Dijk), orange-red (Telos), pink (Telos)
Alstroemeria (various hybs.)
Rhodophiala bifida - deep red clone from Old House Gardens that 
consistently outperforms all my other clones and seedlings.
Trimezia martinesii (?)
Cypella platea platensis
Calostemma purpureum
Hamelia patens
Pelargonium sidoides (really do have small true black flowers like Andrew said)
Crinum unknown cv.
Begonias (various hybs.)
Coleus (okay, not the flowers, but the leaves are like blooming flowers)
Milkweed (forgot the sci. name)
Ixora (various)
Kohleria (various hybs.)
Eucodinia sp.
Sinningia amizade
Jasminum officinale grandiflora
Griffinia espiritensis
(and I got a seedpod on my Griffiniopsis blumenavium!)
Adenium somalense
Adenium swazicum
Adenium obesum
Mandevilla snaderi (Dipladenia)
Thunbergia alata - Blushing Susie (new reddish colored cv. from 
Thompson & Morgan)
Fuchsia boliviana
Clerodendrum specosissimum
Clerodendron splendens
Zephyranthes candida
Zeph. - Sunset Seed strain
Z. - Twinkle
Z. reginae
Z. primulina
Z. jonesii
Z. lindleyana
Z. macrosiphon
Z. drummondii
Z. chlorosolen
Z. pedunculata
Z. - Ajax
Z. - Fadjar's Pink
Z. minima
Habranthus gracilifolius
Hab. texanus
H. tubispathus tubispathus
H. tubispathus f. roseus
H. andersonii
Clerodendron ugandense
Mandevilla x (I don't know the species: 'Alice du Pont' type) - Red 
Velvet, Moonlight Parfait, Pink Parfait
Plumeria (various)
Hedychium coronarium (smells just like being in Hawaii!)
Impatiens niamniamnensis
Juanulloa aurantiaca
xRhodoxis (Rhodohypoxis baurii x Hypoxis parvula) - pink, white
Hypoxis parvula alba
H. nitida
H. rooperi
H. sp. #3 Argentina
H. rooperi
Nerine masonorum
Hippeastrum - Green Lady

['(n/o)' means "not open" but in bud so any day now] [This is the 
best year yet for me for Nerine blooming.]
non-Zinkowski Nerine sarniensis - Afterglow (n/o), Early Snow (n/o), 
Mrs. Cooper (n/o), "scarlet" (plain red), "cerise" (n/o), Joan (n/o), 
Stephanie (n/o)

Zinkowski Nerine - Quest x WP Blush (very pale pink), H-75 (nice 
large iridescent blush pink), Iceberg (small pure white), Dark Red 
sdlg (Hardman) (white w/pink edge and center stripe), N. humilis 
brachiae, 82-67-87 (Hardman) (dark pink), 86-6-93 (Hardman) (n/o), 
Rushmere Victor (n/o), Killi x Pompadour (Vico Marc) (n/o), Alta x 
Radiant Queen (n/o), Tension (Harrison) (pink w/violet streaks), 
83-42-88 (Hardman) (bulb 1: deep beautiful rose red (no orange 
undertones), bulb 2: hot magenta), La Mousmee (large magenta & violet 
striped), 83-65-88 (Hardman) (bright scarlet red), Red Admiral (n/o), 
Fairylight (n/o), Zella (n/o).

Sorry about the long list.
--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena area, California, USDA Zone 9-10

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