Pacific Bulb Society news

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 18 Sep 2002 21:16:38 PDT
Dear All,

Last Sunday officers of the Pacific Bulb Society met on-line. We welcomed a 
new membership officer, Vicki Sironen from Seattle. Not only is Vicki 
fulfilling a very important need for us, but she has also offered to 
organize a meeting next May in Seattle. So send your ideas to her for where 
you'd like to go and what you'd like to do.

We voted to make memberships in PBS from January through December. We very 
much appreciate all those people who were charter members and gave us a 
start and we hope you will be renewing next year. As we grow we hope to 
have more to offer our members. In the meantime we decided that anyone who 
has been waiting to join and wishes to join PBS in the last quarter will 
have their membership extended to the following year. These members will be 
eligible to participate in our bulb and seed exchanges from October on. 
Dell says he still has quite a lot of things to offer and new material is 
arriving all the time. New members may also find some items on sale. 
Members joining in the last quarter will also get an online copy of The 
Bulb Garden when it is ready in the last quarter. Cost of membership is $20 
for members in the United States and $25 for foreign members. This will 
have to be in US dollars or international postal order and we have no way 
to accept credit cards. We will be printing a membership list with everyone 
who wishes to be included that will go out in the first quarter.

Membership in our list continues to be free and we appreciate all of you 
who have joined us for our discussions. Please feel free to invite others 
who you think might be interested.

We are in need of someone to come on board as secretary. Marguerite English 
has been helping us in this capacity, but she also is vice president and is 
editing The Bulb Garden.

Vicki has created a new membership form since memberships will now go to 
her instead of Lee. To join us, write her at and she 
will send you the attachment you can print out. Or write her and tell her 
your ideas for a May meeting in Seattle.

Mary Sue 

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