unknown bulb

Ernie O'Byrne nargsbs@efn.org
Fri, 27 Sep 2002 01:54:22 PDT
I have sent three pics of an unknown bulb to Alpenpix:


I believe it is an irid (hope I'm not showing my ignorance here), one of the
empty seed capsule, one of an open flower and one of an unopened flower with
an opening seed capsule next
to it. I should add that the brown bits in the open seed capsule are not the
seeds, but only aborted seeds. The seed is black and large, as I hope can be
seen in the capsule just opening.

We collected the seed in South Africa on a trip there in 1996 and it bloomed
last year for the first time. It is not in Rix and Phillips that I can see,
but I'm sure that it is probably pretty obvious to the bulb enthusiasts on
this list. Thanks for helping. Oh, it is about 8" tall when in flower and
blooms without the foliage showing--actually the foliage is just emerging.
It is blooming now and has been for about a month. It is apparently hardy
outside here, since it is in a raised trough and has been through 10 degrees

I am cross posting this to both the Pacific Bulb Group and Alpine-L to take
advantage of both pools of knowledge. Apologies for duplication.

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