Rainlily experiment

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sat, 21 Sep 2002 07:36:25 PDT
Dear Diane,

My experiment was to keep them dry and warm in the greenhouse. And yes when 
I soaked them good, the leaves are back. But except for the Habranthus 
robustus which hadn't lost its leaves and which wasn't in the greenhouse 
getting warm, they did NOT flower. However, when I lived in Stockton with 
its warmer summer temperatures, I could and did get blooms by following the 
procedure Cathy has suggested. Marguerite has much warmer summer 
temperatures than I do so I suspect she also could alternate the wet and 
dry with good results.

Perhaps Jane should tell us which ones she finds in Oregon do well for her. 
I am sure that all species are not alike. Lisa's soaking this past summer 
worked well with the hybrids, but not all of the species. And Kevin told us 
it was the change in the wind patterns that triggered blooms and others in 
the past said changes in the air pressure that accompanies storms was the 

Mary Sue

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