Arnolds images

Sat, 07 Sep 2002 18:21:09 PDT

I know the colors can vary depending on the ambient light.  I will take a couple more in different light and send them off.

I can't say if it is a hybrid or a selection.   I will do a bit of research and if I turn up any info I will send it along.  It is very large at the least.

Bowles in his "Crocus and Colchicum" mentions Princess Astrid under Garden hybrids pg. 186 .

He says" They are 'Princess Astrid', 'Rubens' and 'Autumn Queen' (A.M., Haarlem, 1926); their flowering periods are so simultaneous and they resemble each other so much I  can find no character by which to separate them, and suspect that they may be on original stock bearing different names.


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