Information on crocuses

Alberto Castillo
Fri, 13 Sep 2002 10:10:15 PDT
Dear all:
              Yes, Brian's book on Crocus is expensive because it is a 
monograph on the genus with many pictures.
              Of course not crocuses have the same requirements, these range 
from conditions similar to those of Cape bulbs to those for alpines like 
Fritillaria imperialis or Galanthi. There is a lot of detailed information 
in Brian's "Dwarf Bulbs"
Brian's " The Smaller Bulbs"
Brian and Kit Grey-Wilson's " Bulbs"
And of course in that gold mine in book shape, "Collin's Guide to Bulbs" by 
Patrick Synge, which is one of the best bulb books of all times, where every 
comment reflects years of first hand experience. Invaluable for bulbs from 
cool to cold winter origin.
              Crocuses are very versatile and docile plants and particularly 
if grown from seed have comparatively few demands except in hot areas. But, 
their dormancy requirements  must be taken seriously. We lost almost our 
whole collection of  them to never ending summer rains two years ago.

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