Scilla peruviana

Shawn Pollard
Tue, 01 Apr 2003 18:37:52 PST
--- Ann Marie <> wrote:
> Members who are interested, I have so many bulbs
> that need dividing of Scilla peruviana if interested
> in purchasing please email me privately  Mine are
> blue.  
> Ann Marie

Dear Anne Marie,

Are your bulbs old, heirloom plants?  The S. peruviana
plants at my sister's first house in Saratoga had
bigger flowers than the plants I recently purchased
commercially; the plants are putting up multiple
scapes but the flowers are puny.  In any event, I'm
interested in purchasing some divisions.

Thank you.

Shawn Pollard
5125 Sunnyside Drive
Midland, TX 79703

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