Bellevalia pycnanta

Martin and Yvonne Philippo
Sat, 05 Apr 2003 11:38:22 PST
Hello Jane,
I read your letter in the earthlink net of Bulbs L (I am new to this so I
don’t know everything about it yet). Your question about Bellevalia
pychnanta is an interesting one. I grow this Bellevalia, together with a few
other ones. As you perhaps know I also grow many species and cultivars of
Muscari. The Bellevalia pychnanta I grow is precisely like the ones you
describe as the Archibald ones. They are correct. The ones you described as
received from Dutch growers is certainly not B. pychnanta. The yellow you
mentioned is not a rim but anthers sticking out. They look lovely indeed but
these are not rims as found in many Muscaris. If you have a picture of it
that you can send me I could possibly tell you more about it.
The bulbs Dutch growers offer are often more vigorous because they select
the stronger growers for their stock. In a commercial stock the stronger
growers are used for planting material, the weaker ones usually disappear
out of the stock as they are ‘overgrown’  by the stronger ones. Especially
in an old stock there will be a difference between the original wild form.
You can find some info about the parentage of Valerie Finnis on my website.
If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Kind Regards,

Martin Philippo, Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands

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