Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 14 Apr 2003 17:50:35 PDT
Dear Doug and Jennifer,

It is true that Homeria has been reduced to Moraea, but people are 
describing all those new Moraea by their subgroups. This may be because the 
members of IBSA protested making Galaxia a Moraea so this is a compromise. 
Even in the new Encyclopedia although everything is included in Moraea, the 
key is for the subgroups (Moraea, Galaxia, Homeria, Gynandriris, etc.) It 
is for this reason I decided to divide the Moraeas into subgroups on the 
Moraea wiki page. I had the Homeria page there, but I see that Doug has 
also put it on the photograph page. It was once there and I moved it. But I 
think it could be both places as the text explains that Homeria is an old name.

And speaking of the new Encyclopedia, I tried to use it to see how my 
Homerias keyed out. I have lots and lots of them and I am fond of them. I 
think after struggling with the key I'm going to just call them all hybrids 
and that will solve my problem. I think the parents of mine are M. collina, 
M. ochroleuca, and/or M. flaccida. Or maybe they are one or the other. I 
have gotten them under different names. Oh and there could be some M. 
pendula in the parentage too. At least I got that far in the key before 
this non botanist gave up. Bob has been taking some wonderful pictures of 
all my combinations and when I get the files reduced they will make their 
way to the Wiki. If anyone can tell me a simple way to figure out what's 
what between the three mentioned above speak up.

Mary Sue 

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