Rhodophiala / Habranthus

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Here is one key:

A. Flower erect, radially simmetrical. Stamens in two sizes: 3 short and 3 
long or 6 stamens same 
size.                                         Zephyranthes (2n=24 48)

AA. Flower zygomorphic. Stamens in four different lengths.

         B. Spathe with 1 rarely 2-3 flowers with a single bifid bract that 
cover the flower´s 
petiole.                                          Habranthus (2n=12 24)

         BB. Spathe with 2-7 rarely 1 flowers with 2 bracts not fused
                                                         Rhodophiala (2n=16 18)


At 09:13 p.m. 01/04/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>Thanks, Pascal, that's made things much clearer for me.
>Does anyone know whether there has ever been a key published for the
>different genera of rainlilies? At the moment it seems like the only way you
>can identify the plants you have is to go back to the original species
>publication and these can be quite difficult to find.
>Best wishes,
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