Crocus and Gymnospermium images
Sun, 13 Apr 2003 20:58:22 PDT

After a week and a half of miserable weather... hail, ice, and snow (5" or 
12.5 cm) followed by pouring rain, at long last decent weather has returned.  
The icy layer of hail and snow took it's toll on crocus that were already in 
flower or in bud, but also reveal those that are more weatherproof than 

The flowers on Crocus sieberi ssp. sublimis 'Tricolor' were decimated by the 
return of winter, as was C. gargaricus ssp. herbertii, several C. sieberi 
forms, and other species.  But the advantage of planting lots of various 
crocus species and hybrids is their amazing persistance and span of flowering 

I posted 11 photos of named Crocus chrysanthus selections, fabulous and 
floriferous weather-proof plants.  With but one day of sunshine, they open 
their goblets to greet the sun.  I had never grown C. chrysanthus 'Advance' 
before, and seeing them for the first time this weekend I gained a new 
favorite.  The flowers are blushed lilac on the exterior, revealing a soft 
moonlight yellow interior... simply gorgeous!  Take a look at the PBS wiki 
page on Crocus to check out the following C. chrysanthus selections:  
'Advance', 'Blue Pearl', 'Goldilocks', 'Prins Claus':…

Following-up on an earlier discussion on the odd Berberidaceous genus of 
Gymnospermium, I posted three photos of G. altaicum in flower taken over the 
last two weeks.  Here too, the flowers appear unscathed by the recent return 
to horrible winter weather, and gently open the little yellow flowers once 
warmth and sunshine return.…

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