Perennial tulips

Jane McGary
Sat, 26 Apr 2003 09:52:01 PDT
Rodger Whitlock wrote,
>Beware. Tulipa sprengeri, if it likes your conditions, will become a 
>near-weed. It's one of those bulbs that sets copious seed and every 
>last one seems to come up. Moreover, the mature flowering size bulbs 
>go down a long way, so they're very hard to dig up if they're in the 
>wrong place.

As anyone who has been here knows, this isn't the sort of garden where
tulips could come up "in the wrong place." Rodger would probably be shocked
by the low level of maintenance that obtains beyond the bulb frames and
rock garden!

If the publishing industry goes the way of so many other US industries,
I'll have time to get it back in shape someday...

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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