More Moraea (Homeria group) pictures

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 25 Apr 2003 18:00:50 PDT
Dear All,

I hate to overwhelm you with Moraea (Homeria group) pictures but last year 
when I went to the trouble to collect seed from my hybrids and offered it 
to anyone who wanted it there were only one taker. I'm not going to collect 
it this year having learned my lesson, but I do want some of you to see 
that these new Moraeas are really beautiful flowers (weedy or not.) We 
discovered this one yesterday in our garden. It is almost gold and such a 
nice picture and just too pretty not to share. You can see orange and 
yellow ones in the far distance.…

And Bob finally managed to get some of these in focus. His digital camera 
just didn't seem to know where to focus. This one I found described on the 
Mobot site. It isn't a Cape plant. It was discovered by Peter Goldblatt and 
is found in Namaqualand in the Kamiesberg, an area I am hoping we can visit 
again in August or September. It is Moraea pendula (syn. Homeria pendula)…

Mary Sue

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