Rhodophiala / Habranthus

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To really confuse things, Dr. Alan Meerow's work is showing the genus
Zephyranthes with 3 origins and is not monophyletic (it is polyphyletic),
which could lead to the restructuring of these groups.  Of course, just as
they are beginning to be understood under current names, it must be time to
change them!
Kevin D. Preuss

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Here is one key:

A. Flower erect, radially simmetrical. Stamens in two sizes: 3 short and 3
long or 6 stamens same
size.                                         Zephyranthes (2n=24 48)

AA. Flower zygomorphic. Stamens in four different lengths.

         B. Spathe with 1 rarely 2-3 flowers with a single bifid bract that
cover the flower´s
petiole.                                          Habranthus (2n=12 24)

         BB. Spathe with 2-7 rarely 1 flowers with 2 bracts not fused
                                                         Rhodophiala (2n=16


At 09:13 p.m. 01/04/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>Thanks, Pascal, that's made things much clearer for me.
>Does anyone know whether there has ever been a key published for the
>different genera of rainlilies? At the moment it seems like the only way
>can identify the plants you have is to go back to the original species
>publication and these can be quite difficult to find.
>Best wishes,
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