Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 26 Apr 2003 08:16:16 PDT
Dear Jane and Alberto,

Thanks for that additional information. I'll go look up the picture of T. 
incisum. Since mine haven't died yet I am puzzled about how much and when 
to water them. If mine is just coming up and in the wild you saw it coming 
up in October that's not too far off. Since I left mine in the greenhouse 
for periods of time this winter, occasionally bringing it out to be rained 
on, maybe that is comparable to time in the garage. I probably need a 
bigger pot and more grit (but once again it has returned.) Should it have 
some water year round?

Diana wrote in the past that she couldn't get T. azureum to bloom every 
year. So we need to hear from Bill Dijk and Jim Forrest what they are doing 
in New Zealand to succeed.

I remember your report before of germinating that old seed Jane. I have 
tried three or four times now and only once had success with any of the 
seed I received, but lost that one during dormancy. As Alberto has 
suggested I may have let it dry out too much. The species I am trying this 
past fall from an exchange has not germinated.

Still I am very happy with the two I flower and the leaves of the other. I 
bought the one Liz says is going to be for sale (T. tuberosum) and it grew 
for a couple of years but never flowered and eventually disappeared. I 
expect it needed more warmth and water that it can get here in summer to do 

Mary Sue

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