Glads and Romuleas sprouting

Floral Artistry
Thu, 10 Apr 2003 11:00:30 PDT
Well, I had almost given up on my gladiolus collection
of seeds from Silverhill. I had them under my normal
seed sprouting technique of eastern window in Ziplock
bags. After 8-12 months, I moved a lot of them outside
in a semi shaded area. Then with a few sporadic
seedlings here and there, I moved them into full sun.
Then I took the bags off of them and got a few more
seedlings. I have had only 10% germination though but
it is better than nothing. 
I did sow last year's seed crop of G. tristis in a
one-gallon size pot in regular garden soil. They are
all up and growing now even with my sporadic watering
schedule. Maybe that is the key. I was keep ing the
others too wet? Anyone else have thoughts on this?
Maybe it was the constant night and day temperature
The same thing is true about all the Romulea seeds
that I had. I was rather delighted to see some pots
were full of seedlings. Off the top of my head I can't
rememeber what sp. they are but I have gotten maybe
50-60% germination from them not too.

John Ingram…

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