More Moraea (Homeria group) pictures

Paul Tyerman
Sat, 26 Apr 2003 06:21:29 PDT
Mary Sue,

>discovered this one yesterday in our garden. It is almost gold and such a 
>nice picture and just too pretty not to share. You can see orange and 
>yellow ones in the far distance.

That is just gorgeous.  I've never had anything to do with the Homerias
(now Moraeas) not for any particular reason other than "I just never have"
<grin>.  With colours like that I might have to start some looking.  What
sort of size is that flower?

>And Bob finally managed to get some of these in focus. His digital camera 
>just didn't seem to know where to focus. This one I found described on the 
>Mobot site. It isn't a Cape plant. It was discovered by Peter Goldblatt and 
>is found in Namaqualand in the Kamiesberg, an area I am hoping we can visit 
>again in August or September. It is Moraea pendula (syn. Homeria pendula)

This one is very interesting to me in that it is a vary similar flower to
Moraea marlothii.  However, the M. marlothii has a very thick stem with
small flowers (the scape can be 3 foot tall, with the flowers a bit over an
inch wide, and just one huge leaf that is over 4 foot long) that hang in
the same way.  What sort of dimensions to this plant and flowers?  I can
only assume that the M. marlothii is closely related?

Very interesting pics Mary Sue, I'm glad you posted them.


Paul Tyerman
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