welcome 2 new members!

jennifer.hildebrand@att.net jennifer.hildebrand@att.net
Sat, 19 Apr 2003 11:09:55 PDT
Good afternoon all,

Please join me in welcoming our two newest members, Theresa Massey and Tony 
Dickerson.  Theresa lives in Austin, TX and is especially fond of bulbs suited 
to her local growing conditions.  She also collects amaryllids and irids, two 
of my favorites.  Tony lives in Worcester, England and his interests vary 
greatly, including fritillaria, juno iris, lilium, corydalis, and erythronium 
(and I've edited!).  Tony owns Westonbirt Plants, a mail order company 
specializing in the above named species.  I don't want to release Tony's email 
address to the list without his permission, but anyone interested in obtaining 
details about his catalog, including cost and content, might try to contact him 
through the list.

I'm so glad you both decided to join us!  

PBS Treasurer

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