Nectaroscordum - a hybridizer's Challenege

James Waddick
Wed, 23 Apr 2003 06:26:57 PDT
>Dear Mark; Jamie et all;
	Hoog and Dix do offer N tripedale (note spelling 
difference?), but wholesale at E7.70 and not available for the US* 
makes it difficult to obtain.
A Google search brought up a few suppliers outside of the US at 
fairly steep prices.
	The H & D description of hybrids isn't very clear either. 
Does anyone grow them?

	Jamie's wish for an album is possible if someone in the right 
place and time does some searching of wild plants. Very possible.

	Here is a plant that is fairly widely grown and available, 
but has had NO obvious work done by hybridizers or by selection of 
cvs. Here's the challenge.

	There's a nice picture on the Paul Christian site:

	This species is native to Armenia - any Armenian members of this list?

	Hope this inspires someone to work on this genus.

	Anyone in the US sell this?

		Best	Jim W.

* Jamie, this is a special challenge for you. I bet if you ordered a 
bunch from H & D you could resell them to members of this group.
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