Robert Hamilton robhamilton@trump.net.au
Wed, 09 Apr 2003 06:00:08 PDT
Hi  Paul,

Thats  great  that  you  have  added more images to the Tigridia page  

> WOW.  I didn't realise they would flower so quickly.  Have you also 
> sown in
> pots?  How long do they take in comparison?  Did they germinate, grow 
> and
> flower all within the one growing season?  When did you sow them and 
> when
> did they flower.

Yes  I  have  sown Tigridia pavonia in pots  and they havent  flowered 
as  rapidly as those  I  sowed in the ground. In fact  the  mature T 
pavonia  bulbs  are not happy in pots. I  intend  to  get all mine into 
the ground  this  winter. The  other  species  I  grow chiapensis, 
dugesii, durangense, multiflora and vanhoutei  as well as the  closely  
related Rigidella orthantha  all seem  quite happy in pots.



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