Robert Hamilton
Sun, 27 Apr 2003 04:31:59 PDT
Hi  all,

I  was fortunate  enough to  obtain seed of  Tropaeolum azureum and 
peregrinum  from  seed exchanges this  year and  both have  
germinated (  in the  case of the  latter 2 lots  from different 

I  must  admit  I  didnt  know  much  about T peregrinum  but  selected 
on the  general  principal  that  any  Tropaeolum is a  good 
Tropaeolum.  After  germination  I  looked it  up  to  find it  is an  
annual  with  yellow  flowers. Having sown  in mid  summer I'm  sorry  
I  didnt  delay until next  spring. I  have  flower  buds but suspect  
because the plants  are already in decline  that  I  wont see too many 
or  get  any  seed.

T tricolor   grows  and   flowers  well  here  and  a  reasonably  new  
plant  of  T  speciosum  which  is   more or  less  evergreen is  doing  
well  but  hasnt  flowered. I  understand this  species  has a  cluster 
of  roots  rather  than a  tuber.


Rob  in Tasmania

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