Coping with Cold

Bonaventure W Magrys
Tue, 01 Apr 2003 13:11:29 PST
Also, as you go north and west in New Jersey you get away from the
moderating influence of the Atlantic Ocean and also go up in elevation,
leading to a complete change in a USDA Zone.

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> It may
> be balmy in the morning when I step out but when I get to work in South
> Orange it often feels 15 degrees (F) colder. We've had frost though the
> last 2 nights. I imagine further northwest, away from the coast and up
> towards the Appalachian ridges of Sussex county, the seasons may be weeks
> behind.

I travel weekly between New York City and northwest Connecticut, a distance
of about 90 miles.  Casual observations over the years leads me to
that every 10 miles north means a day's difference in the early spring
season, that is, NYC is 9 to 10 days ahead of us.  Snowdrops started to
last week, daffodils in warmer parts of the garden are only just pushing
through the soil surface.  Looking forward to see if any of the high
Kniphofias survived as well as a  planting of Eucomis autumnalis ssp.
Mark Mazer
Intarsia Ltd.
Gaylordsville, CT 06755-0142
USDA Zone 5
Giant Schnauzer Rescue

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