Tulipa humilis 'Alba Caerulea Oculata'

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Mon, 21 Apr 2003 09:44:23 PDT
It appears that this choice little tulip has some history and confusion regarding its name.  When in doubt, I like to check the description catalog of Hoog & Dix at http://www.hoogdix.comc/ , particularly useful for information on cultivars and hybrids, but species as well.  My few little bulbs of this tulip should be in bloom in about 1 week.  

Here's what the hoogdix website says about this tulip:  
"T. humilis Herb. 'Alba Caerulea Oculata' * (syn. T. violacea Boiss. et Buhse var. pallida Hausskn.) Coll. by Georg Egger in N.W. Persia in 1927. Flowers white, with a large steel-blue centre. Sweetly fragrant. Ht. 10-15 cm."

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