Collecting green seed

Jane McGary
Sun, 20 Apr 2003 11:24:22 PDT
Diana Chapman wrote,
>As for collecting green seed:  I have had success with Brodiaea, Triteleia,
>Allium and Dichelostemma, as well as Trillium (which actually germinates
>better if green).  

I've noticed that in some members of the Brodiaea complex (Brodiaea,
Triteleia, Dichelostemma, and a couple of other small genera), the stems
often wither and break away at the base before the seed appears ripe. This
is especially marked in the larger species such as Dichelostemma ida-maia.
Apparently there is enough moisture in the long, stout stem to support the
ripening seeds. So if you pick these "green" you should take the whole stem
and keep it until the seeds are ripe.

Alstroemeria seed can be harvested when it seems immature, and still

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon

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