John Ingram
Wed, 30 Apr 2003 17:31:13 PDT
I can't give too much helpful info on Nerines but I
can tell you what I have and what I have done. 
I purchased a few beautifully colored ones from a
wholesaler in L.A. I got a good color selection,
salmon, white, deep red, and a peach. I was so
fascinated by the "diamond dusting" on the petals. I
just couldn't stare at them long enough. 

I also purchased some bowdenii from Brent & Becky's
from their 50% off sale last year. They were less than
a $1.00 each with the few extras they tossed in. 
I think about 50% bloomed but they really are in
crappy medium. I planted them in pure Gro-Mulch in 4"
pots individually. I will be transfering them to rich
50/50 mix (topsoil/loam-mulch) over the next few
months as I repot everything for the summer. 

I also have a few from the IBS BX. I have a nice
hybrid (flexicaulis alba? x something), filifolia and
the other really grass-like species that looks similar
(masonarum?). I am travelling right now and don't have
access to my notes/garden to look exactly.

They are all watered year-round, less when they are
dormant more when they are in leaf. That does cause a
problem as the dwarf ones are evergreen for me but I
believe they are winter dormant so I don't give them
too much extra other than the winter rains. 
I have to be honest, they all flowered for me the
first year and none since. 

I have all of them (except the hybrid) in pots growing
in Venice, CA. The hybrid is in the ground in West
Hollywood and gets pretty baked and dry since I only
water it about once every three months (or so). ;>))

I would like to get mine up to standard and get them
growing like real plants that will do something for
me. I have talked to Cathy and also Charles Hardman
about his collection and I am really jealous!

I am very fascinated with the photos of lacticoma but
I have never purchased any. I also like a few other
species but until I get the growing conditions of
these down, I will not get any more (until I place an
order somewhere that has them). I did get a few
seedlings of kreigii from Jim Shields though. (See, I
have no self control). 

Well, that is my input for all it is worth. Any
growing tips will be greatly appreciated. Those posts
that have come through so far have been helpful. 
I will get eveything in better soil and start
fertilizing more starting this year. 

John Ingram…

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