Buying the bridge from John!

Greg Pettit
Thu, 10 Apr 2003 03:38:55 PDT
Dear John,

Many thanks for the confirmation.  The bending story comes from an
"self-styled expert" who is trying to get my business partner to hire him as
a consultant at 1000 bucks per hour.  What does happen (and we already knew
that) is that Zantedeschia stems of 800-1000mm bend towards the centre of
the stem (from the natural gravitational weight of the stem).  The story
about the Equator exerting a pull on the stems just sounded too good not to
be a con.

With the type of knowledge he has, the bridge would be a better buy!

{I took my autographed copy of "Bulbs" along with the printout of your
missive to my partner so he could see what an expert thought of the issue}

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