Commercial Messages on the list

Kevin D. Preuss
Wed, 02 Apr 2003 20:10:29 PST
Mary Sue and all,
What about somebody else setting up a bulb trade & sell forum  (not unlike
the IBS used to do)?  I had positive experiences with that.
Just a suggestion.
Kevin Preuss

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Subject: [pbs] Commercial Messages on the list

> Dear All,
> Most of you who have businesses are following the rules about only
> announcing that you have something wonderful someone might like and to
> contact you privately. I do not want to have to disallow this, but that is
> the next step. This list cannot be commercial so if you are selling or
> buying something discuss this privately, not on the list. Just for a
> check if you are asking about something someone is selling or giving
> details about something you want to sell be sure that the TO: field does
> not have
> I apologize to all of you who have gotten the message and understand for
> repeating this once again. But I know that we have a list that generates a
> lot of posts and not all of them are read so I guess I need to repeat this
> once again. Sigh......
> Mary Seu
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