Missing content

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Thu, 03 Apr 2003 23:05:19 PST
Dear All,

I too have noticed the missing content on some of the messages we have 
gotten lately. I have tried to find out what has happened. What I suspect 
is that the messages were written in html and the new program strips the 
html. Most of the people who are sending html messages also send a second 
copy in text. Those people who have been getting the digest used to get 
double messages from those people, the html and the text message. The rest 
of us got one or the other depending on our email program.

To eliminate the double messages in the archives and in the digest I set 
the program to remove the html and leave the text. If you only send an html 
message it is probably going to arrive looking blank for all of us. And I 
checked with support and once the html is stripped we can't recover it and 
they can't even tell me what the original message was.

So please try not to send your message in formatted text. But if you must, 
then be sure you have set your email program up to send another copy in 
text as well. If any of you send a message that arrives without content, I 
would appreciate your sending your next message with a cc. to me so I can 
see what is being sent and try to figure out how we can fix this problem. 
Since Robert Parker's first message was blank and the subject of the 2nd 
one was OOPS I am assuming that this may be one time that missing content 
was to our benefit.

Mary Sue
PBS Administrator 

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