Anemone nemorosa

Janet Galpin and Oliver Patterson
Tue, 22 Apr 2003 11:54:33 PDT
The message <001a01c30863$27030640$2f22bacc@oemcomputer>
from "Judy Glattstein" <> contains these words:

> Probably the most "unusual" anemone I grow is Anemone flaccida,
> a species from Japan with attractive, but fugacious foliage (summer
> dormant.) It is a shy bloomer, with only a modest, actually minimal
> is probably more accurate, display. Each flowering stem produces
> a sequence of two pure white flowers. They grow from a rhizome
> that looks like a fat A. nemorosa, chestnut brown in color. They
> prefer woodland shade and a moist to average site.

I too grow this plant and in its second year it has made quite a healthy
patch. It was a bit reluctant last year even to throw up many leaves.
This year it has had lots of leaves but only two flowers. From what you
say this might be all I can expect.

I have recently acquired Anemone pseudoaltaica, A. rossii, A raddeana
and A. amurensis from Paul Christian. They all seem to be woodlanders
and have nemorosa type rhizomes but it's too early to report on how they

I also have a plant which seems to be a particularly tall form of A.
ranunculoides. Usually this plant is short (maybe 4") and, as you imply,
has a smaller flower than the other commoner woodland Anemones. This one
however is about 10" - 12" tall when in flower. It seems promising and
I'm hoping it will get established and spread.


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