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James R. Fisher
Fri, 18 Apr 2003 16:22:40 PDT
Here's some info on the Jepson Flora Project which
_may_ be of some interest to those growing California

Subject: SBLD - Jepson Online Interchange
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 13:16:00 -0500
From: Scott D. Russell <srussell@OU.EDU>

April 14, 2003
Jepson Online Interchange

Jepson Online Interchange is part of the Jepson Flora Project--a
continuing online revision of the Jepson Flora of California. This web
site is a metadatabase providing access to families and genera as well
as individual species. It consolidates related information on taxa
from UC data with that from other authoritative web sites. University
and Jepson Herbaria data are linked using the Specimen Management
System for California Herbaria (SMASCH) database, augmented by
bioregional maps, county records, CalPhoto images, International Plant
Names Index (IPNI) nomenclatural/bibliographic information, Tropicos
taxonomic information from Missouri Botanical Garden, Flora North
America treatment, and information from the CNPS Inventory. Links are
provided to facilitate submission of updates. Site by the Jepson
Herbarium, University of California-Berkeley. (****) -SR

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