Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 10 Aug 2003 11:07:46 PDT
Dear All,

This from Rachel:

"Sandersonias are extremely susceptible to a whole range of diseases which
make them rot. We found that we had to lift them every year, and replant
them into sterile soil.  Each year we lifted the tubers at the end of
summer, treated them with fungicide and bacteriacide, then stored them in
the cold. When we replanted, we again dipped in fungicide and then planted
into sterile soil.  Damp humid conditions make them rot easily."

I guess I've just been lucky since I've kept mine going since 1999 when 
Dirk sent them. My greenhouse is very humid (like close to 100% often) in 
winter, but I have the fan on all the time and I'm not watering these and 
they are dormant. After Rachel's advice the last few years I have been 
repotting them every year in the spring and dusting them until this year 
when I gave them the Den Wilson treatment before I planted them.

Mary Sue

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