Bulbs that flower without leaves TOW

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 05 Aug 2003 07:29:44 PDT
Dear All,

Thanks for all the wonderful information everyone has been supplying about 
bulbs that flower without leaves. It is interesting to note the climate 

My first Cyclamen hederifolium started blooming in July which seemed early 
and there are no leaves in sight.

Doug can you tell us which Haemanthus and Scadoxus bloom without leaves and 
is it after a dormancy or as the leaves are dying down or some other pattern?

Jane could you explain again what Scilla scilloides is supposed to do? I am 
thoroughly confused about when to water it and I think you once wrote it 
blooms in fall. Mine haven't bloomed yet and the leaves are present at 
weird times.

Do all the Gethyllis bloom without leaves or are there differences in species?

Mary Sue

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