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Kelly Irvin bulbmeister@bulbmeister.com
Sun, 10 Aug 2003 13:03:20 PDT
Dear Carolyn:

I'm not very familiar with Amaryllis belladonna, but I don't think you 
will find any blue in the flower at any stage. The Lycoris squamigera 
blossom, in bud will have blue on the tips, inherited from one of its 
assumed parents, L. sprengeri. This blue will remain in early bloom, 
completely fading away to give into the pink full blossom, but with a 
yellow throat. L. squamigera will have 5-7 blooms per umbel, while A. 
belladonna will have up to 10. I believe L. squamigera has a taller 
stalk of the two reaching almost 3' in ideal circumstances. L. 
squamigera will not set seed, is hardy to zone 5 (or colder), and shows 
foliage only in the spring. A. belladonna produces seed, can only 
survive temperatures down to 10°F (and only if planted deeply), and 
grows it's foliage from fall through spring season beginning shortly 
after bloom.

If you visit the IBS Gallery 
some pretty good closups are shown of various A. belladonna. There you 
can compare between the photos the differences that also exist in petal 
form, style & filament lengths and proportions.

> my thoughts and went to bed I thought of Lycoris because I am 
>assuming it would be slower to increase.
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