Watsonia bulbifera

Rachel Saunders silverhill@yebo.co.za
Thu, 07 Aug 2003 06:52:44 PDT
It depends  who buys the plants and where they plant them as to whether it
will become a pest or not.  In Europe it will probably never escape,
particularly in the colder parts. But in Australia or New Zealand or
California it will and has! It needs winter rain and doesn't like cold
temperatures as it grows in winter.  It also doesn't like warm wet summers
as the corms can rot.  So  in many parts of the USA it may not become a
weed.  I would be careful in France , Italy, Spain and Portugal too.
rachel Saunders
Cape Town

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> Dear Bob,
>    Thanks for your note. I have got a stock here, but your posting
> assured me in refraining from putting it in my catalog. However last
> year August I noticed in Holland a field of one acre with Watsonia
> bulbifera, which they intend to put on the market soon. How and who can
> prevent them from doing so?
> Kind regards
> Lauw deJager  Bulb'Argence

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