Lycoris & dormany

James Waddick
Mon, 04 Aug 2003 06:00:57 PDT
>2 years ago I received Lycoris as a trade from some friends in the USA.
>These have so far never bloomed and gave never come into leaf yet the bulbs
>are healthy. Any ideas what is going on?

Dear MArk;
	You didn't mention what time of year you received and planted 
the bulbs. Lycoris dormancy is brief in mid-summmer even though they 
may have been leafless for weeks before and after. Also bulbs dug, 
dried and rootless are even more stressed. Also what species. I have 
had apparently healthy bulbs sit underground for up to 3 years - 
possbly growing new rots and 'settling' before putting up healthy 
foliage and flowers. L. chinensi ans L caldwellii both have done this.

	Speaking of Lycoris;

	Although we are experiencing a severe drought (officially 
proclaimed along with a couple dozen neighboring counties in NW 
Missouri. The July rain fall was the lowest on record with .1 inch 
for the entire month.), I have noticed L. squamigera blooming around 
town , probably where lawn sprinklers catch it. In my parched garden 
I have a couple L. sanguinea in bloom and a few stalks popping out of 
L. squamigera.
	I was fairly certain that bloom was triggered by fall rain 
after a hot dry, but maybe not. See what blooms and IF it EVER rains. 
back to the frawing board.

		Jim W.
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