Watsonia bulbifera

Lauw Dejager dejager@bulbargence.com
Mon, 04 Aug 2003 02:46:53 PDT
Dear Bob,
   Thanks for your note. I have got a stock here, but your posting
assured me in refraining from putting it in my catalog. However last
year August I noticed in Holland a field of one acre with Watsonia
bulbifera, which they intend to put on the market soon. How and who can
prevent them from doing so?

Kind regards

Lauw deJager  Bulb'Argence

Bob Rutemoeller wrote:

  For Watsonia bulbifera. Please be careful if you plant these out. At
 > least along the northern California coast they are a serious invasive
 > weed that multiplies in three different ways. Mary Sue and I could
 > gather millions of cormlets this time of year along Highway One near
 > Mendocino or at Salt Point State Park. But our friends in the local
 > native plant society would put a reward on our heads if we did so to
 > help distribute them.

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