Crinum hybridizing

John Ingram
Sun, 10 Aug 2003 18:30:43 PDT
I did my first Crinum crosses this year. Jim S, you
spurred me into it, it's your fault!
I crossed my asiaticum procerum (seed parent, which
split into 2 pieces this year) with pedunculatum (my
favorite crinum for the leaf structure and
evergreeness of it. It always looks perfect year
round, yeah). 
I think I got maybe 5 to 7 seeds. With the open house
this last weekend I was a little frazzeled and
counting the seeds wasn't a priority. I hope they will
still be there in 2 weeks when I return. By that time
they could have fallen into a neighboring pot and
sprouted already. 
I am very excited to see the variability of purple
leaves. I am hoping to get some winter hardiness out
of the purples. They always look a little ratty over
winter unlike the pedunculatum (is it -ultaum or
-ulata? I always get confused). 
And I also selfed the pedunculatum since it doesn't
look like it has any pups on the way in the near
Well, those are my stories.

John Ingram in L.A., CA. 

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