Littonia and Sandersonia

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 09 Aug 2003 07:49:23 PDT
Dear Brian,

I am growing Gloriosa, Sandersonia, and Littonia in large containers in my 
greenhouse as they seem to appreciate the extra warmth. I tried Gloriosa on 
my deck last year as an experiment and the wind, cool nights and sometimes 
day temperatures were not to its liking. I didn't get all my supports up in 
every pot for these three this year and they have been twining together in 
the most amazing pattern and seem quite happy.

As for Sandersonia, Rachel said it is prone to illness so it is good to 
dust it before you replant it. This year I gave mine the peroxide soak and 
it came up looking really good. I first got mine from the IBS BX courtesy 
of Dirk Wallace and Dell's pleas since they were more available that 
requested. Am I glad since it is a wonderful plant.

I grew it the first time inside in my bathroom since it was changing 
hemispheres and too cool outside and it was just fine. I believe with this 
plant you can manipulate when you grow it as the growth must be determined 
by when you water it. I started my second pot several months after the 
first since I really love it and wanted to have it in bloom for a longer 
period and that has worked. I understand someone sells it at a friend's 
Farmer's Market in the fall as a harvest flower so obviously they have 
figured out that you can grow it outside its natural time to grow. I concur 
with Alberto about warmth for these three plants. Mine are quite happy in 
my greenhouse where it can be very warm in summer.

So here is the second Sandersonia pot which is now blooming. We have 
Gloriosa and Littonia pictures already on the wiki, but not Sandersonia so 
I uploaded this picture late July, but haven't gotten around to putting it 
on a page. Photo taken by Bob in the greenhouse.…

Mary Sue
Mary Sue Ittner
California's North Coast
Wet mild winters with occasional frost
Dry mild summers

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