Arisaema TOW

Joyce Miller
Tue, 19 Aug 2003 20:25:03 PDT
Hi Jane,
         Thanksbe to generous family and kind friends at Christmas.  With 
accumulated gift cards, I was able to buy the recently published 'The Genus 
Arisaema, A Monograph for Botanists and Nature Lovers, Guy and Liliane 
Gusman.  I did a quick perusal by species name and found nothing.  I also 
belong to the Arisaema list, a sub-group of the Aroid list.  I will post 
your query there.

Kind regards,  Joyce Miller

Thanks to Ernesto Sandoval, Curator at the Botanical Conservatory, UC/Davis 
and Dr. Ceni, I have two mature Arisaema:  A. ringens and A. 
fargesii.  Both bloomed this year.  Big suckers!  A. ringen at maturity 
will be 36" wide.  I also have several pots of germinating A. thanks to 
their seed exchange.

Joyce E. Miller
Zone USDA 9A Summer highs 100+degrees F for several to many days.  Winter 
lows 27 degrees F 

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