Wiki uploads

Lee Poulsen
Fri, 29 Aug 2003 16:43:13 PDT
I uploaded the following pics tothe wiki. At the bottom is an unknown 
Calochortus I need help identifying. Thanks.

--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena area, California, USDA Zone 9-10

Zephyranthes primulina. Another really pretty Zephyranthes. The 
outside, before the flower opens, is a yellow fading into a 
pink-peach color.…

Zephyranthes andersonii. These are from seed I got from Chilterns. I 
had heard that Z. andersonii was an older name for one of the common 
Zephyranthes, so I'm not sure what the real name for this is, but it 
sure is pretty.……

(Cyrtanthus sanguineus X Cyrtanthus loddigesianus) X Cyrtanthus 
sanguineus . From IBS BX seed from Gerrit Oskam in 2001. These are 
the first flowers to appear. They're about 2 inches in diameter at 
the mouth.…
Although another bulb had a scape of the same cream color above, a 
third bulb had these salmon colored flowers.…

Cypella coelestis. Here is a shot of this which I received labelled 
Cypella plumbea platensis . Does anyone know how the subspecies 

Nerine filifolia. This is the first time it has bloomed for me.…

Griffinia espiritensis hyb. & Griffinia liboniana hyb. grown in my 
(humid) unheated pseudo-greenhouse. The liboniana species has spotted 
leaves. They grow very well in a well-drained medium and flower in 
shady areas. They go dormant for me in the winter.…

Griffinia espiritensis hyb. Somewhat out of focus close-up of this species.…

Griffinia liboniana hyb. Close-up of this species. A beautiful flower 
and color.…

Griffiniopsis blumenavia. I grow this the same way I grow Griffinia: 
In a very well-draining medium in my humid, unheated 
pseudo-greenhouse. It seems to go dormant on me at odd times, not 
necessarily in the winter. (Sorry about the slight blurriness; I'll 
try to get a better picture.)…

Mystery bulb:
A Calochortus grown from seed, and the upper half of the label broke 
off and got lost. A very small flower, maybe a little over a 
centimeter across, and the plant is growing during our hot Southern 
California summer.…

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