Arisaema TOW

Alberto Castillo
Tue, 19 Aug 2003 05:45:38 PDT
Dear Mary Sue:
                     I am not sure why so many of us are fascinated by 
Arisaemas. In my mild climate most of those in general cultivation are shade 
plants and that do not enjoy our summer heat. To the point that seed 
imported from the other Hemisphere germinates in our autumn and grows during 
our winter and looks happier than when they resume growth during our spirng 
and summers. Of course those species of Arisaemas that would be easy here, 
in Cape Town, Tauranga, Perth or Melbourne are not in general cultivation as 
they would be tender in temperate climates.
                     Worth mentioning is the fact that they are mostly 
propagated from seed and do not offset as easily as other bulbs. The tubers 
must also be planted deep as they produce roots from the upper surface.

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