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J.E. Shields
Tue, 19 Aug 2003 12:49:48 PDT
Hi all,

Bonaventure reminds me -- I put some pollen of Arisaema serratum on A. 
ringens, and the fruit head is still green and firm.  Maybe I'll get some 
[ringens X serratum] seedlings out of this!

I have not tried plants or seeds of wilsonii or griffithii, but I have 
seedlings sprouting of jaquemontii, ciliatum liubaense, and flavum.  I 
tried elephas from seed once and apparently got nothing.  I have seedlings 
from A. consanguineum already planted out in the woodland garden.

What they say is mostly true -- Arisaema are very easy from seed, if the 
seed germinates at all.

Jim Shields

At 03:25 PM 8/19/2003 -0400, you wrote:

>Yes, mine was Arisaema wilsonii. Happy to say its pollen has set a few
>berries on reproductively isolated Arisaema triphyllum female
>Hopefully the offspring will be hardier than the high-altitude cooler
>growing and dry summer loving wilsonii/elephas/handelii Asian complex of
>species. The wilsonii tuber soon shriveled but left me 6 small grape-sized
>offsets around the crown of the old tuber. Griffithii quickly went dormant
>after blooming also but I managed to save its tuber and placed its pollen
>on the very hardy and easy growing amurense and ringens! A.sikokianum
>pulled through a rough winter here in New Jersey by being planted in raised
>beds or higher spots in the garden but I did lose thunbergii.

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